Best Supplements For Anxiety and Depression

best supplements for anxiety and depression

Vitamin C supplements are one of the best supplements for anxiety and depression, and can help people with these conditions. A study conducted with high school students showed that taking 500 mg of vitamin C daily decreased anxiety levels. Other studies have found that vitamin C supplements can help with anxiety in women and people with diabetes. Although the amount of vitamin C a person needs varies, the recommended daily allowance for most adults is between 400 and 600 mg. Fruits and vegetables are an excellent source of vitamin C. Liquid vitamin C supplements are also available, and are often the best choice for those with sensitive stomachs.

Consult A Doctor First Before Using Them

Vitamins are important for the treatment of anxiety and depression, as they can improve energy levels and overall health. As anxiety and depression are physically and emotionally exhausting, a good vitamin supplement can help reduce the symptoms associated with the conditions. If you suspect you have a vitamin deficiency, your doctor can order a simple blood test to assess your vitamin intake.

Vitamin D is another effective supplement for anxiety and depression. It contains both vitamins D and K, which help promote heart and bone health. This formula delivers 5,000 IU of vitamin D and 100% of the Daily Value of vitamin K.

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