Buying an Electric Car Used For Sale

Electric cars used for sale are becoming more affordable, especially in the used car market. A new report from Recurrent finds that the cost of a used battery-powered vehicle has dropped by 28 percent over the past year. That’s a sign that electric vehicles have been around long enough and popular enough to enter the secondhand market.

That makes it a good time to shop for an electric car. However, some special considerations for EV shoppers go beyond just shopping for a model that fits their budget. For example, a battery’s life can be significantly reduced by the type of driving a person does and where they live, and it can impact the cost of ownership.

Unlocking Savings: Electric Cars Used for Sale

For example, sustained cruising at highway speeds drains batteries much more quickly than stop-and-go city driving. That’s why a longer test drive with the car you’re considering is important. It’s also worth asking the seller to get a professional inspection from a mechanic that specializes in electric cars.

Recurrent data shows that the most popular used EV models include the Chevrolet Bolt, Tesla Model 3, and Kia Niro EV. They’re typically cheaper than their gas counterparts when new and often qualify for an IRA tax credit or NYS Drive Clean Rebate, which lowers the price even further. Another important factor is the availability of charging stations. The more stations, the more likely it is that a used EV will be within reach for people who don’t have their own dedicated charging space at home.

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