Can Sogs Have Pineapple?

Pineapples aren’t just a can dogs gave pineapple snack for humans, they can also be an excellent source of Vitamin C for dogs. While it isn’t something that should be fed to a dog on a regular basis, it is a healthy addition to any diet when used as a one-in-a-while treat. As with any new food though, it is important to give a few bites of pineapple to your dog and see how he reacts to it before feeding him any more. If he starts to have issues like diarrhea, gas or smelly farts, then it may not agree with him and should be avoided.

Pineapple Pleasures: Can Dogs Safely Indulge in this Tropical Treat

The answer to this question is yes, so long as the pineapple is pure and contains no added sugar. When choosing a piece of fresh pineapple to feed your dog, it’s essential that you remove the tough peel and core, as they can be difficult for dogs to digest and could lead to a blockage in his digestive system, which would require veterinary care. It is also a good idea to cut the soft, edible parts of the pineapple into small cubes so that they are easier for your dog to eat.

As for canned pineapple, it’s typically pumped full of added sugar to help make it last longer and taste better. It is a great alternative to fresh pineapple but should only be fed in moderation to your dog. This type of fruit is rich in Carbohydrates, Vitamins and Minerals. It can also help to prevent a dog from eating his own poop as the bromelain in pineapple breaks down proteins in a dog’s poop, which makes it less appealing.

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