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Closing a Child Care Centre in Auburn

The main highlight of every day life for a kid is at a Child Care Centre. It is the place that all children look forward to. It is the place where they can learn new things, play games, have fun and also grow and flourish as a person. A Child Care Centre in Auburn deserves a lot more attention than it has been getting lately. It should be one of the first priorities of the Government. Click Here –

Choosing a Child Care Centre in Auburn

I remember when my daughter was just a few months old and her pediatrician gave her away at a Child Care Centre in Auburn. This happened to be the second day of my two week holiday at the Gold Coast. I had gone there with my husband to do some sightseeing and also drop off our son at the local Boys High School. We arrived in time to pick up my baby from the centre and she was so happy to be picked up. But all this changed when we were handed a blank paperwork by the gate guard that morning.

I went straight to the Department of Family and Community Services (DFCS) office and made a beeline for the manager. After about an hour’s wait I learnt that the center had closed down for budget reasons and that there were no further child care centres in the area. My heart sunk. I was absolutely heartbroken and so very sorry for the parents that had spent their money on such a useless facility.