Cortexi Review – Does Neural DSP Really Work?

cortexi review

Cortexi reviews is a dietary supplement that contains natural ingredients that are claimed to support ear health, reduce tinnitus symptoms, and improve cognitive function and sleep quality. It has been formulated with scientific research and customer reviews, and users have reported positive results. According to the manufacturer, you may notice a difference within a week of using Cortex.

Neural DSP is a name to know on the new frontier of amp modelling and guitar effects. Its reputation was built on a range of plugins, and its first foray into hardware presses all that next-gen algorithmic sorcery into service for a floor-based unit that might make you think it’s the only piece of gear you ever need.

Its screen is large, bright and intuitive to navigate, with amps, cabs and effects laid out in groups on one desktop. You can arrange them in pre-set mode or use the rotary footswitches to dial up a device and then strum away.

Cortexi: The Ultimate Brain Fuel? An Honest Review

The 2.0 update delivers a few key improvements. Sorting, auditioning and searching are all better, but there’s also a new bundle feature that packages up a bunch of Neural captures into a single preset. This is a nice quality-of-life touch that can save a lot of shuffling around.

However, it isn’t a complete solution. The major roadblock on the original roadmap – multiple bypass in stomp mode – remains a future feature. And while the hybrid editing in 2.0 is a nice improvement, it doesn’t deliver the true portability that many users were hoping for.

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