Dealing With Attachment Disorder

attachment disorder

Developing healthy emotional relationships is an important part of our health. However, a significant portion of the population struggles to form these bonds due to attachment disorders. These disorders typically develop in childhood but can continue into adulthood if left untreated.

Children with attachment disorder experience difficulty in forming meaningful, wholehearted relationships and often have issues regulating their emotions. They might exhibit risky behaviors or need constant reassurance from others. Regardless of the cause, anyone who has attachment problems should seek treatment, as these issues can severely impact their quality of life.

Understanding Attachment Disorder: Signs, Causes, and Treatment Options

A child with a diagnosed attachment disorder will receive a physical exam, lab tests, and psychiatric assessments to determine if there are any medical or mental health conditions contributing to their symptoms. They will also undergo a thorough history of their relationship with caregivers, including detailed observations and interviews.

In most cases, children with attachment disorders are able to form secure connections with their caregivers through consistent caregiving. They can build trust with those around them when their basic needs are consistently met, such as through meals, playtime, and a consistent schedule of affection and comfort.

Those who are struggling with an attachment disorder can benefit from therapy, especially cognitive behavioral therapy, a type of talk therapy that helps a person become aware of inaccurate or negative thoughts that might be influencing their behavior. This type of therapy can help people learn more positive ways to think and feel, which may lead to healthier behaviors in their relationships.

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