Embroidery Digitizing Services

Affordable embroidery digitizing services online is a great way to make your company’s t-shirts, hats, or workwear stand out. But before a design can be embroidered by a machine, it must be prepared through the digitizing process. Digitizing is the process of converting artwork into an embroidery file that the embroidery machine can sew onto fabric. It’s a complicated task, and the quality of your final result depends on the digitizer you choose.

Initially, the digitizer should break down the design to see if it needs any editing for embroidery. The final size of the design must also be taken into account. Not all designs that were intended for print media like a business card will function well for embroidery, and many need to be modified or simplified. For example, outlining may need to be eliminated and small text resized.

Threaded Expressions: The Language of Embroidery Digitizing Services

Next, the digitizer should decide how the pathing will run through the logo. This is how the stitches will be placed to achieve the desired effect. For example, a design that is digitized for flats will not work on a cap, because it doesn’t consider the curved surface of the fabric.

Finally, the digitizer must assign different stitch types to each area of the design. This will affect the texture and intricacy of the final design. For example, there may be areas in a logo that will look better if they are laid down with fill stitches rather than running stitches. The digitizer should also consider how the stitch type will affect the fabric.

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