Eyelift One Shot Lash Lift Starter Kit Review

elleebana one shot lash lift starter kit

For all those who are unaware of the elleebana one shot lash lift starter kit System, here is a simple review. It’s a set of two components and uses an eyeliner to draw your attention on your top lashes. The system also consists of a lash extension wand and a set of 1-inch clear polycarbonate lashes that are similar to liquid liner but have more body and thickness. To get the look, just apply the lash extension wand to your lower lash line and blend it out using a brush. You need to wait for the glue to dry before you can put the extension rods inside your eyes. Once they are in place, apply the clear polycarbonate eyelashes to your upper lashes and blend with your fingers until it looks perfect.

Eyelift One Shot Lash Lift Starter Kit Review – Why need to wait for the glue to dry?

The kit comes with two different applicators: wet and dry. The wet one contains a clear tube and a brush that you use to apply the product. The dry one does not have any other ingredients besides polycarbonate rods. With these two elements combined, you can easily achieve long lasting and natural-looking lashes. This kind of kit can be used by people of any age because it does not contain any chemicals, which means that you can use them over again without worrying about damaging your eyes.

In addition, this kit can also be used as a part of a professional eyelash grower, which means that after only a few weeks of using the Eyelift system, customers will see dramatic results. The results are not only visible on the customers’ eyes, but they also last longer than the other methods used. There are no artificial ingredients, so the skin does not suffer from allergies or rashes. The kit has received rave reviews from both customers and doctors alike, proving that this particular product does work. Eyelift has been proven to help customers with their thinning and weak eyelashes look fuller and longer within a matter of weeks, which is definitely something that can be considered a miracle for anyone who has been suffering from eyelashes that do not look like they should anymore.

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