Facebook Admin Assist – What is Admin Assist?

Admin Assist is a moderation tool that automates some tasks for Facebook Group Admins to free up their time and focus on more important community building efforts such as organizing events, campaigns, and promoting the positive culture of the group. It’s still a good idea to spend some time on manual moderation though so that you can prevent people from posting spam, harmful content, or any other negative behavior in your Facebook Group. Go here

Moderation Assist allows creators to search comments by keywords such as specific words, emojis, commenters names, and dates, which helps them manage conversations efficiently. They can also take bulk actions such as liking or hiding, and view comment moderation statistics and activity logs through the professional dashboard, a centralized hub for page managers. Facebook’s continued investment in moderation assist and the Creator Support Hub demonstrate their commitment to improving the platform for creators.

Criteria for Incoming Posts

One of the most important criteria that you can set on Admin Assist is a filter to hide posts that have a link to a website or external service. This will help you protect your group from harmful websites such as pornography, hate speech, and other explicit content that can be harmful to your members or the wider community.

Another useful Admin Assist criteria is a filter to hide posts that have been reported by members of your group. This is helpful for catching any content that may have passed by a manual review and didn’t get caught by the incoming post filters. You can then mute or block the person who posted the post if they have violated your rules or guidelines.

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