helical pier installers

Helical piers can be used to fix foundation damage, stabilize a deck, or even support new construction. They transfer the weight of a structure to load-bearing soil or bedrock, making them an industry standard in residential and commercial structural repair. However, helicoidal piers require special equipment to install, which can add to the cost of the project. The amount of damage can also impact the price of helical piers, which are often based on the number needed to stabilize a structure.

The helical pier contractors near me starts by drilling through the dirt at the foundation footing and into a concrete or steel helical anchor. Foundation experts continue adding shafts to the pier until it reaches a suitable load-bearing stratum. A grout mixture is injected around the pier to further secure it and fill any voids. The excavation is backfilled and compacted to complete the installation process.

Helical Pier Installation Process: Step-by-Step Guide

Small disturbance: Because helical piers screw into the ground, they cause minimal surface disruption during installation. They can also be installed in limited access situations, such as under houses or on sidewalks.

Helical piers are highly effective in correcting foundation singing and settlement, and they can be used on all types of structures including homes, commercial buildings, and bridges. A geotechnical survey can help determine if helical piers are a good fit for your home, and it is important to hire an experienced contractor to ensure that you receive the right amount of helical piers to stabilize your structure.

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