How Eco Tuning Improves the Performance of Diesel Vehicles

The engine performance of a diesel vehicle can be greatly improved using a simple procedure called tuning or remapping. Traditionally this was done by replacing and cleaning relevant parts, but with modern technology Ecu’s it is much easier by simply flashing a software file onto ones Ecu via the OBD port. This increases power, torque and fuel economy without the need to change any of the mechanical components. This process is safe and can be performed as often as the vehicles service intervals allow.

With the eco tuning diesel | Willys Workshop rising fuel prices a reduction in consumption is very desirable for both private and company cars. Additionally, reducing fuel consumption is also a good way to protect the environment. This can be achieved by lowering the engine output or, as is the case with eco-tuning, by optimizing the combustion parameters.

Maximizing Fuel Efficiency: The Role of Diesel Performance Mods

This enables the engine to deliver full power over a wider range of the torque curve. This significantly improves the drivability and “seat of the pants” feeling of the vehicle. Furthermore, peak power is obtained quickly and maintained over a wide RPM range. This enables drivers to shift up earlier, thereby saving fuel and protecting the environment.

Moreover, the additional injection processes are reduced, which further reduces fuel consumption and nitrogen oxide emissions. This is especially noticeable when overtaking, where the additional power can be used to overcome more demanding situations. In addition, special adaptation to the driving behavior or the specific range of application is possible – in trucks and articulated lorries this may be adapted according to the types of loads that are transported and the road or terrain conditions.

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