Hydro Force Gekko SX-7 Tile and Grout Cleaning Head

hydro force gekko sx7

The hydro force gekko sx-7 is the most aggressive hard surface tool on the market. The teardrop shape and front jet of the SX-7 allows it to clean closer to walls and corners than any other competitive tile cleaning tool.

How Hydro-Force Gekko SX-7 Can Save You Time and Money on Tile and Grout Cleaning

It can be attached to your versatile Gekko wand, or used as an upright with our Hide-A-Hose assembly (AH180). This head is also compatible with the Hydroforce H-Wand for a complete Gekko system.
The Hydro Force Gekko sx-7 is the perfect solution for your hard surface tile and grout cleaning needs. It can be used with any truckmount or high-pressure portable extractor to give outstanding results on stone, tile and grout jobs.
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