Otago Region Surveys the Strides of Growth and Change

The otago region surveys a large area of the North Island of New Zealand. It is a very diverse environment with plenty of opportunities for both major industries and small family businesses to prosper. It also has some of the best rural scenery in the whole of New Zealand. With a mixture of coastal and inland locations, this region encompasses some of the most stunning coastlines, mountain ranges and wild alpine environments anywhere in New Zealand. Otago Region Council was formed in 1945 to deal with the issues that were faced by the people living in the Otago Region. In this way the council has kept forward the ways by which people live and work in the region, ensuring that people can continue to prosper for years to come.

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The Otago region covers three main islands – the South Island (or Prince Edward Island), the North Island (or Zealandia) and the Southern Alps. The total land mass of the region is almost 16 thousand square kilometers, making it one of the biggest and most diverse regions in the world. As it is an island, the people have traditionally viewed the coast as the centre of their community, providing good seasonal living conditions. They have continued this way up until the introduction of motor vehicles, which have significantly altered the way that life is lived in the region.

Although some of the areas in the Otago region have changed a great deal since the arrival of motor vehicles, many of the towns and cities of the region have not. This makes for a great place to live and for a holiday home, because there is still a sense of community and homeliness about the region. Many of the larger towns of the region have changed considerably in the last few decades, but some of the smaller towns are still characterised by their historic buildings and local shops. There are also some wonderful beaches in the region, making it a good choice for a family holiday.

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