Pasma is a short form for plasma cells, which are found in the bone marrow and blood vessels and have a red pigment. If you have had any kind of radiation therapy, including medical x-rays, you may have developed pasma. Pasma is known as a harmless blood pigment, but it can sometimes be a symptom of cancer. It does tend to cause an increased risk of prostate and breast cancer in men who have had treatment for prostate cancer. There are other forms of pasma in people that are thought to be benign. The best way to get your question resolved is through Pasma training UK. Resource for more info.

What You Need to Know

You may also have some questions about Pasma testing in general and training. Some people are concerned about the effects of low levels of PSA in their blood following a medical procedure. PSA is not a significant problem, but the levels that are found may be enough to increase your risk of some cancers. There are ways to lower your PSA so it will not raise your risk of some cancer but that is a very different topic and one that would require another of the many Pasma training UK programs. You might also wonder how medical assistants are supposed to know if they have developed Pasma.

Some of the practical tests that will be required of you include the finger prick test. You will also be asked about your family health history. If you have a history of some illness or disease in this area, it is good to be honest and let the program know about any illnesses you may have. Your honesty is important and the more information you give the better the program can help you with your Pasma training UK question.

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