Six Lightweight Jaguar E-Types Will Go on Sale This Summer

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Of all the ecd auto design cars that have made their way into the public realm, perhaps none is more beloved than the Jaguar E-Type. Often referred to as the XKE in America, it was one of those jaw-droppingly beautiful sports cars that were designed and built in the ’60s to be a feast for the eyes as well as a driver’s delight. These cars were so stunning, that they even had Enzo Ferrari a bit annoyed.

It’s no wonder that these gorgeous beauties have become such prized possessions, and they’ve also seen their value increase exponentially in recent years. If you’ve been eyeing a Jag for sale, it’s important to take some time to do your homework and approach any potential purchase with a bit of educated caution. The right research can save you from a costly lemon purchase.

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Thankfully, Jaguar has decided to do its part by recreating six Lightweight E-Types, more than 50 years after the initial 18 were originally created. The team at Jaguar Heritage teamed up with the company’s top engineers and technicians to create these new aluminum masterpieces. They utilized state-of-the-art scanning technology that digitally mapped the inner and outer surfaces of each original Lightweight’s bodyshell down to a fraction of a millimeter. This data was then assessed and re-engineered to replicate the original car’s body construction to ensure authenticity.

Each car was then hand-built at Browns Lane, where the original Lightweight cars were originally built. Jaguar has limited production to just six vehicles, and it’s going to give first dibs to well-known collectors and those who participate in historic racing. Jaguar plans to deliver the cars this summer, and it says that all six will be meticulously restored to their original 1960s specifications.

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