Sports Relays For Kids

Relay races are a great way to build teamwork. These simple relay games work especially well for kids and can be used at recess, summer day camp or any time you have a group of young players to entertain. Learn more

The most common form of a relay race is four athletes spaced every 100 meters around a track, each running one leg and then handing off to their next teammate. The runners in each leg run a different distance, with the fastest runner usually running the last leg (anchor). Learn more

Beyond the Track: Sports Relays in Different Sporting Disciplines

In the Olympic 4 x 400-meter relay event, four athletes on each team are given aluminum batons to hold, and each athlete runs a lap around a track before passing the baton to their next teammate. The athletes must exchange the baton within a 20-meter “exchange zone” or risk disqualification.

To play a simple version of the Olympic 4 x 400-meter relay, divide students into teams. Each team will have two runners; make sure that each pair has players of similar height. Then, have each team member take off one of their shoes and place it in a pile at the end of the starting line. When the race begins, each student will run to the pile, find their shoe and return to the starting line. The first team to complete the relay wins.

For a more difficult variation on this game, have students divide into pairs and tie their legs together. Each pair will then run to a chair at the destination point, hop on the chair, and wait until the balloon pops. Then, they will run back to their team and tag the next pair.

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