The Legal Obligations of Romanian Workers in France

Thousands of Romanians have emigrated to France to seek work as a domestic worker. While there are a range of benefits to working as a domestic helper in France, many people do not realize they are also benefiting from the recent influx of refugees from Eastern Europe. Despite this, many of them are not aware of the various legal obligations that Romanian workers must meet in order to work in France. See this –

How To Quit The Legal Obligations Of Romanian Workers In France

According to the United Nations, more than 90% of the 15,000 Roma living in France are from Romania. The remainder are from Bulgaria and Hungary. Though Bulgarian and Romanian citizens are free to travel between these countries without a visa, many of these migrants overstay their stay and engage in illegal activity. Some EU countries have also implemented work restrictions on Romanian and Bulgarians, but this may affect their browsing experience. Those who are eligible to work in France will need a valid work permit, and they must prove they are not a criminal.

The government’s policies have been controversial, and leading Socialists and Greens have criticized the government’s response. Some European Union bodies have called for more action, but it is unlikely that the French government will act unilaterally. But France has been hesitant to take drastic measures. For the moment, most Romanians choose to work in Paris. The country’s capital is a hub of foreign businesses, and it is important to keep in mind that Romania’s economy has a strong foreign investment base.