Why Choose Microblading Toronto?

microblading toronto

Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo that uses a blade to mimic hairs under the skin. It is a great option for clients who want more natural-looking results without the hassle of filling in their brows with a pencil or powder.

The procedure eyelash lift consists of making tiny incisions and inserting pigment into those incisions. The result is perfectly natural-looking brows that look like individual hairs.

No More Smudges – This treatment will prevent the unwanted smudging of your eyebrows, even if you sweat a lot and have active lifestyles! You’ll be able to workout, swim and shower with confidence.

It is Quick & Easy – Microblading toronto is a fast, hassle-free way to achieve your desired brows. It typically takes about two hours for the initial treatment and touch ups take less time!

How to Choose the Right Microblading Shape for Your Face in Toronto

Natural Looking Brows – With a little help from the seasoned professionals at Soft Touch Studio, you can level up your brow game and achieve those perfect eyebrows! We offer a range of eyebrow treatments to suit every face shape and personal preference.

We also offer a special treatment for the eyebrows around the eyes, called microshading. This technique is ideal for clients who want a more soft, subtle effect with a few dots of colour on their eyebrows.

Our brow master, Taiyaba will consult with you about your brow goals and make recommendations to enhance your existing brows! She will discuss any health concerns, skin types and healing patterns as well.

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